How Do You Relieve Upper Back Pain?


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Depending on the severity and cause of upper back pain, there can be different treatments to relieve this symptom, such as pain relievers, massage, exercise, prescribed medications, steroid injections and surgery, as noted by WebMD. For mild and occasional upper back pain, doctors can recommend some at-home treatment options, including acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that are over-the-counter pain medications.

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Some other home treatment options for mild back pain are bed rest, application of heat or ice to the affected area and perform stretching exercises. Physical therapy and exercise are useful because they can help with posture problems and strengthen muscles in the back area, notes eMedicineHealth.

When upper back pain is more severe or chronic, doctors can recommend prescription painkillers and muscle relaxants. When a medical problem that cause compression of nerves in the upper back region, cortisone injections may be useful to reduce inflammation and also relieve pain.

Some causes for upper back pain can be a herniated disc, an injury, posture problems and vertebrae fracture. A vertebrae fracture in the upper back region may heal on its own without the need for surgery. However, when healing does not occur and pain is present, surgery may be a possibility, as stated by WebMD. A surgery utilized for a vertebrae fracture is called a kyphoplasty. For a herniated disc that does not heal on its own, its removal may be necessary to relieve pain.

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