How Do You Relieve Stomach Bloating Associated With Menopause?


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Remedies for bloating caused by menopause include changes in the diet and exercise routine. Another type of remedy is professional hormone treatment, according to Consumer Health Digest.

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Excess gas in the body often causes menopausal bloating, and one treatment option is to replace dense foods that take a long time to digest with lighter foods that are easier on the digestive system, says Consumer Health Digest. Fruits that are easy to digest include bananas, grapes, fruit juices and yogurt. Other options include hard cheeses, eggs, peanut butter and rice. Foods that take longer to digest and contribute to gas buildup in the abdomen include cruciferous vegetables, dairy products, corn, potatoes and peaches. It is best for women with menopausal bloating to avoid these.

Experts also recommend that menopausal women consume six small meals throughout the day and chew food thoroughly for easier digestion, states Consumer Health Digest. Regular exercise helps the muscles relax, which allows the body to release any excess gas. The recommended amount of daily exercise is 30 to 40 minutes.

Hormone treatment involves using natural and alternative remedies to balance the hormones. Doctors recommend this for women who have a difficult time making lifestyle changes, says Consumer Health Digest.

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