How Do You Relieve Severe Leg Pain?


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Severe leg pain treatment depends on the underlying cause, according to WebMD. However, common treatments include applying ice to the area, resting it and elevating the leg as much as possible, explains Healthline. Other pain relief methods are gentle stretching and massage.

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How Do You Relieve Severe Leg Pain?
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If the leg pain proceeds to worsen, causes swelling in both legs, makes walking painful or persists for more than three days, a medical evaluation is necessary, according to Healthline. A doctor's appointment is necessary if the pain is caused by varicose veins. Immediate medical attention is required if the leg is red and warm, if a fever occurs, if the leg is pale and feels cool, or if the pain causes immobility or the inability to place weight on the leg. Medical attention is also necessary if the patient has difficulty breathing or if the pain was caused by a deep cut or an injury that made a pop or grinding sound.

Common causes of leg pain include muscle cramps, injuries like fractures and shin splints, and medical conditions like hardened arteries, blood clots, arthritis and gout. Infections of the bone or tissues and nerve damage are other common causes of severe leg pain, according to Healthline.

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