How Do You Relieve Pain From Liver Cancer?

Relieving liver cancer pain is possible by undergoing cancer treatment, taking pain relievers and getting local anesthetic injections, suggests Everyday Health. Some alternative therapies that don't rely on medication are acupuncture, relaxation techniques and acupressure.

Relieving liver cancer pain involves treating the source of the pain, which is the cancer or tumors, advises Everyday Health. Shrinking the tumors through radiation can help to treat the associated pain. Medications and narcotics are also powerful pain relievers, distributed through skin patches or pills held underneath the tongue. Other forms of medication are nerve blocks in the form of local anesthetics or alcohol, and pain relievers that are injected straight into the painful area.

Some people get pain relief from acupuncture and acupressure, techniques that use needles in nerves, and the compression of certain pressure points to manipulate the nerves and provide pain relief, explains Everyday Health. Patients can also participate in some relaxation techniques that help to manage pain, such as breathing exercises and massage.

Liver cancer pain comes from two sources: the liver itself or the treatment for the cancer, says Everyday Health. The cancerous liver can compress nerves, resulting in a phenomenon called referred pain. The compressed nerves connect to different parts of the body, such as the shoulder where the pain manifests.