How Do You Relieve Pain From Femoral Nerve Dysfunction?

Pain from femoral nerve dysfunction, or femoral neuropathy, may be treated with pain medications and physical therapy, states Healthline. Fully treating the condition depends on eliminating or managing the root cause.

Treatment of femoral nerve dysfunction depends on its causes and symptoms and may consist of therapy, a course of medications or surgery, Healthline explains. Physical therapy helps patients regain strength in their legs, increase mobility and reduce pain. It consists of an exercise program performed under the guidance of a professional. Occupational therapy help is advised for patients with a more severe case of femoral nerve dysfunction. Its role is to enable these patients to perform everyday activities to the fullest extent possible. Corticosteroid injections are used to treat swelling and inflammation. Surgery may be performed if pressure from a certain type of growth is causing the condition.

In some cases, treatment is not necessary for full recovery, Healthline states. If caused by light injury, the condition may fade on its own. Diabetic patients may get relief from the condition by regulating blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a particularly common cause of femoral nerve dysfunction. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels and blood pressure may result in nerve damage throughout the body, including the legs. Other potential causes include fractures of the pelvis, sustained nerve pressure, radiation exposure of the pelvis and femoral artery catheterization.