How Do You Relieve Pain From Corns Between Toes?

relieve-pain-corns-between-toes Credit: TuelekZa/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To relieve pain from corns between the toes, reduce the pressure by placing a foam cushion or cotton between the toes after applying an antibiotic ointment, suggests the Podiatry Network. If pain persists, a medical professional can surgically remove irregularly shaped bones within the toes that prompt development of corns.

Another method of relieving pain from corns is to soak toes in warm water and use a pumice stone to remove dead skin gently, explains WebMD. Applying salicyclic acid to the affected area may also help to soften the corn, allowing you to rub off the corn and dead skin with a pumice stone. Consult a medical professional prior to home treatment of corns between the toes to determine the best options. Doctors do not recommend salicylic acid for patients with circulatory problems, numbness or diabetes.

Physicians can remove corns to relieve the pain between the toes by paring or trimming down the corn with a small surgical knife, according to WebMD. Physicians typically perform this procedure in a medical facility.

A soft corn often occurs between the fourth and fifth toes and is due to a deformity in the bones of either the fourth of fifth toe, notes the Podiatry Network. Left untreated, it can form ulcerations that can become infected.