How do you relieve headaches?


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Everyday Health suggests inhaling or applying lavender, peppermint or basil oil topically to relieve a headache. To reduce the severity and frequency of headaches, Mayo Clinic says that lifestyle changes may be needed. Eat healthy, regular meals, making sure to stay hydrated, and maintain a consistent and healthy sleep schedule. Manage stress, reduce caffeine intake and limit nicotine if necessary.

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Mayo Clinic suggests treating headaches based on their cause. If a headache is triggered by muscle tension, apply heat or ice to the shoulder and neck muscles to soothe and help them relax. A gentle headache or scalp massage is also effective.

WebMD recommends asking a health care professional for physical therapy exercises to be performed every day to treat excessive muscle contractions. For relief from headache pain, resting or lying down in a quiet, dimly lit room may help.

Mayo Clinic outlines a deep breathing exercise to be done on a daily basis to help relax. The person lies down and visualize a peaceful place while focusing on breathing slowly for at least 10 minutes.

To help determine the cause of chronic headaches, Mayo Clinic recommends keeping a headache diary to track triggers and find what treatments provide relief. Ideally, the headache diary reveals patterns that contribute to chronic headaches.

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