What Do You Take to Relieve Flatulence?


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Charcoal tablets and Beano help relieve flatulence, according to Healthline. Products such as Lactaid and Dairy-Ease may help remedy flatulence related to lactose intolerance, adds Mayo Clinic. Remedies containing simethicone, such as Gas-X and Mylanta Gas, may break up gas bubbles, although evidence of efficacy is lacking as of 2015.

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What Do You Take to Relieve Flatulence?
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Charcoal tablets absorb intestinal gas to ease flatulence, explains Healthline. Beano contains enzymes that prevent gas by breaking down complex carbohydrates, notes the Beano website.

Reducing consumption of carbohydrates that are difficult to digest can decrease flatulence, advises Healthline. Avoiding swallowing excess air by chewing food properly, avoiding chewing gum and refraining from smoking helps prevents flatulence as well. Exercise improves digestion and may reduce flatulence.

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