How Do You Relieve Fatigue While Recovering From Pneumonia?


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The best way to relieve fatigue while recovering from pneumonia is to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, according to the PDRhealth. This works best if you sleep in a warm room. It can also be beneficial to take periodic naps during the day.

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How Do You Relieve Fatigue While Recovering From Pneumonia?
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Fatigue is a normal symptom of pneumonia, and getting plenty of rest is an important part of the healing process, reports the American Lung Association. It is also a good idea to minimize the amount of activity you engage in during your recovery. For example, ask a friend or family member to take over your household chores.

However, walking and sitting up are good for your lungs and can help you recover faster, explains Sutter Health. Consult your doctor before resuming normal activities, but try to get up and move a bit. Alternating periods of rest with periods of activity can help manage the fatigue. If the fatigue progresses to extremes such as dizziness or fainting, contact your doctor immediately.

Supporting your general health can help relieve fatigue and speed up your recovery, according to the American Lung Association. Eat a healthy, balanced diet, and make sure you are drinking plenty of water or other healthy beverages. Avoid smoking cigarettes, because it can exacerbate your symptoms. Talk to your doctor about alternative medications to help control your cravings.

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