How Do You Relieve a Dry and Itchy Cough in an Adult?


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For an adult who has a dry and itchy cough, taking over-the-counter expectorants or suppressants, staying hydrated, consuming cough drops and using a humidifier can help relieve symptoms, according to WebMD. Avoiding exposure to irritants in the air and refraining from smoking also help to relieve coughs.

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Hydration is important for adults with a cough and can help to soothe the throat, claims WebMD. Drinking water or tea with honey and lemon may also help to ease a dry, itchy cough. The throat can benefit from cough drops, and most of them have a cough suppressant in them to help ease the severity of the cough, although sucking on candy may be just as effective.

Using a humidifier to add moisture to the air is another way to ease symptoms, explains WebMD It is also important for adults who have a dry, itchy cough to stop smoking. Smoke irritates the throat and lungs and makes the symptoms worse. Adults with a dry, itchy cough must also stay away from other irritants such as dust. If it is necessary to be near these irritants, a face mask should be worn until the cough has subsided. Heartburn can also cause a dry cough, so if this is expected, it is best to treat the heartburn.

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