How Do You Relieve Chronic Pain?


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Chronic pain can be relieved by the use of compresses, surgery, medications and physical therapy. Chronic pain usually refers to pain that lasts for more than 6 months. This pain may be mild or extreme depending on its cause, the area affected and other factors, notes WebMD.

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Chronic pain can be caused by issues such as injury, diseases, certain disorders and side effects of medications. Chronic pain cannot be cured. However, there are various treatment options that may help provide relief to individuals that are affected, according to MedlinePlus. Treatment of this type of pain often depends on its cause and severity.

Chronic pain that is mild and does not hinder daily activity can be relieved by applying compresses on the areas affected. In some incidents, this pain can be managed by simply resting or stretching muscles. For pain that interferes with daily routine, medications aimed at reducing or controlling pain may have to be used.

Physical therapy which may involve massages and strengthening exercises can be a good way to manage such pain. This is especially effective when the pain is caused by muscle or bone weakness. Chronic pain originating from the muscoskeletal structure may sometimes be treated through various forms of surgery.

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