How Do You Relieve Acute Leg Cramps at Night?


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To relieve nighttime leg cramps, sit down, straighten the affected leg and bend the foot up toward the knee, according to WebMD. Placing a towel under the ball of the foot and gently pulling it toward you while keeping the knee straight helps to stretch the calf muscles. Running a warm bath or taking a hot shower can help relieve the pain as well.

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Simple movement is an effective way to take care of leg cramps, reports Everyday Health. Walking around the room or shaking the affected leg can alleviate the pain, while rubbing the muscles or pumping the ankles can offer relief as well. Soreness caused by chronic leg cramps can be soothed by using ice packs that reduce soreness or numb pain; however, strengthening the leg muscles with regular exercise is preferred and highly recommended in order to reduce the frequency of cramps.

A cramping calf muscle can be treated with stretching exercises, according to Medical News Today. The simplest method is to walk on tiptoes for several minutes. Another exercise begins with standing around 1 meter away from a wall, with feet flat on the floor. The next step involves leaning toward the wall with outstretched arms, keeping the heels firmly on the ground. After maintaining the position for 10 seconds, return to a standing position before repeating the exercise five times.

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