How Do You Find Relief From Tailbone Pain?


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Tailbone pain typically resolves by itself within a few months or weeks; however, applying ice or heat to the affected area and taking over-the-counter pain relievers helps to lessen the pain, according to Mayo Clinic. Sitting upright and maintaining proper posture may also alleviate some pain.

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Tailbone pain can be relieved with certain body positions such as sitting completely upright, keeping knees level with the hips and feet flat on the floor while the back is firmly against a chair, according to Mayo Clinic. Although sitting may be uncomfortable at first, sitting on a doughnut-shaped cushion or pillow may provide some pain relief.

Chronic tailbone pain that doesn't lessen over time may benefit from physical therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. Physical therapists guide patients through pelvic floor relaxation techniques and exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor or abdomen to help control pain. Massage manipulation is another option for pain relief. The procedure, which is usually performed through the rectum, consists in massaging the muscles surrounding the tailbone.

In extreme cases of tailbone pain, physicians may opt to inject local anesthetics into the tailbone to relieve pain temporarily, according to Mayo Clinic. In some cases, antiepileptic and antidepressant medications are prescribed to provide pain relief. If chronic tailbone pain persists, a surgical procedure known as a coccygectomy may be recommended for treatment.

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