How Do You Get Relief From Back Spasms?


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There are a number of recommended treatments for back spasms, including a few days of bed rest and lying on the floor with pillows under the knees, according to HowStuffWorks. Over-the-counter pain medication and applying heat to the back may also help.

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How Do You Get Relief From Back Spasms?
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If home treatment for back spasms does not work, a doctor may prescribe narcotic pain relievers, explains HowStuffWorks. Alternative medicine may also work for some people, and these remedies can include herbal treatments such as devil's claw or willow bark. Capsaicin may also work for back spasms when applied topically. Some people also find relief from back spasms through massage, acupuncture and chiropractics. Mind-body techniques such as progressive relaxation and cognitive behavioral therapy are also options for back spasms.

A person should see a doctor for back spasms if the pain is the result of a blow or fall, claims HowStuffWorks. An individual should also see a doctor if the pain is associated with fever, nausea, vomiting, sweating or abdominal pain. If there is numbness in the foot, leg, groin or rectum, a consultation with a doctor is important. A person experiencing loss of bladder or bowel control, unexplained weight loss or intense back pain that lasts for more than two or three weeks should see a doctor as soon as possible. Those who have back pain and a history of cancer, osteoporosis or substance abuse should also make an appointment with a doctor.

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