How Reliable Is a WebMD Diagnosis?


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The WebMD website is for informational purposes only, and the information on the website is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice, according to WebMD's Terms and Conditions of Use. WebMD suggests calling 911 or seeking professional care in the event of a medical emergency.

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How Reliable Is a WebMD Diagnosis?
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The WebMD website does not recommend or endorse specific medical tests, medical products or physicians, and visitors who follow suggestions available on the website choose to do so at their own risk, according to the website's Terms and Conditions of Use. The goal of WebMD is to provide information that's as accurate as possible on a wide variety of health topics, but the website admonishes readers to never delay treatment or ignore advice from licensed professionals because of information they read on the WebMD website.

WebMD views its website as an authoritative reference but also considers itself to be a media outlet and information provider, according to the website's Editorial Policy. The site seeks out licensed, qualified experts and spokespersons to help provide commentary related to managing chronic diseases and treating certain illnesses, but they do not provide medical advice. WebMD does not take responsibility for any personal injury or death that is the result of a person's use or misuse of the website's content.

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