Is There Any Relationship Between Vaccines and Autism?


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There is no relationship between autism and vaccines, reports the Centers for Disease Control. Various studies conclude that autism and vaccines are unrelated, nor do any specific ingredients in vaccines or types of vaccines cause autism.

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Is There Any Relationship Between Vaccines and Autism?
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One ingredient that some parents are concerned about is thimerosal, which contains trace amounts of mercury; however, thimerosal is no longer an ingredient in most vaccines and is only in present in some vaccines in very small amounts. Additionally, studies repeatedly indicate thimerosal is safe, according to WebMD.

One explanation for the myth that the MMR vaccine causes autism is that autism symptoms often appear around the time that children receive the MMR vaccine; however, no link exists between the MMR vaccine and autism per multiple studies, reports WebMD. With very few exceptions, children should receive all recommended vaccinations, advises the CDC.

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