What Is the Relation Between Indigestion and Skipped Heartbeats?

Indigestion is one of many things that can trigger heart palpitations, which is often the cause of a skipped heartbeat, according to Harvard Medical School. Heart palpitations occur when there is a hiccup in the heart’s rhythm. It can not only cause skipped heartbeats, but also racing or pounding heartbeats.

Aside from indigestion, some other things that can trigger heart palpitations include having too much alcohol or caffeine, being dehydrated, or having a low level of potassium or blood sugar, notes Harvard Medical School. Anxiety, stress and feelings of panic frequently cause the skipped heartbeats and fast heartbeat associated with palpitations. Some other common triggers are nicotine, fever, anemia, overactive thyroid, pregnancy, menopause and having a mitral valve prolapse.

Heart palpitations feel like pounding, throbbing, fluttering or flip-flopping of the heart, says Harvard Medical School. Some people also feel like there are pounding heartbeats in the neck or chest. Having a skipped heartbeat is not a serious condition, though experiencing it frequently, from indigestion or otherwise, is a good reason to visit a physician. The doctor wants to know what was happening before feeling the sensations and if they stop suddenly or go down gradually. It is often necessary to conduct an exam to find out what is causing the palpitations.