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There is no definitive proof Relacore works to lose belly fat as it advertises, states Consumer Health Digest. Relacore bases its weight loss premise on the body holding onto belly fat due to stress and anxiety when there is no evidence of this connection.

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Relacore maintains a hormone in the body called cortisol preventing people from losing belly fat after they have lost weight, explains Fast Weight Loss. Relacore contains magnolia bark claiming this ingredient helps reduce anxiety causing stress, a known weight catalyst. It also claims magnolia bark can remove excess fat due to cortisol with no scientific studies to prove this statement.

Studies exist indicating stress by itself can cause weight gain, but no scientific study exists to prove this premise, notes Fast Weight Loss. In rating Relacore's effectiveness, fifty-nine percent cited they saw no improvement in reducing belly fat. There is no proven link stress causes belly fat, notes Consumer Health Digest. No clinical studies have been done on claims made by Relacore or are all the ingredients known in Relacore. It does not contain any appetite suppressant normally found in weight loss pills, states Fast Weight Loss. Due to this lack of scientific proof and human results, it is unlikely Relacore works.

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