What Is a Reiki Master?


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A Reiki master is a third-level practitioner who has completed advanced education and training in Reiki, an Asian energy healing therapy. The therapy is based on the idea that trained practitioners can transfer healing energy to patients by holding their hands on or above the patients' bodies. There is no conclusive scientific evidence that Reiki is effective at healing patients with ailments.

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To learn the Reiki techniques, an aspiring practitioner must seek out a Reiki master from whom to receive training. Generally, there are three levels of Reiki training, and a practitioner becomes a master upon completing the third level. The first level takes between eight and 12 hours to complete and involves learning how to practice Reiki on oneself and others through direct hand-to-body contact. Individuals who only wish to practice Reiki on themselves and close family members or friends can generally learn everything they need by completing this first level of training.

During the second level of Reiki training, students begin learning how to make a mental connection, allowing them to administer Reiki without directly touching the patient's body. To finish the third level and achieve master status, students complete an apprenticeship with a Reiki master.

The term Reiki is a combination of the Japanese and Chinese words "rei," meaning "supernatural," and "ki," meaning "vital energy."

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