What Are the Best Rehabilitation Techniques for an Injured Oblique Muscle?


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Suggested rehabilitation of oblique muscle strain involves first consulting a physician to determine the level of activity that is appropriate, preventing further injury or surgery. Once approved by a physician, the individual can begin rehabilitating the injury using exercises, such as planking, ball lifts, modified curls and abdominal stretches, says WebMD.

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Oblique muscles are one of four types of abdominal muscles and are either internal or external. Muscle strain occurs when the oblique muscles stretch beyond the normal range of motion or with forceful motion of the spine or trunk. Oblique muscles strains usually occur while participating in certain sports, such as golf, baseball and gymnastics, requiring forceful movements of the oblique muscles, states WebMD.

When symptoms of abdominal strain appear, such as stabbing pain, stiffness or tenderness in the abdomen, individuals should have the condition checked by a physician. Depending on the level of injury, either grade 1, 2 or 3, the physician prescribes the next level of treatment. Grade 1 injuries are mild pulls. Grade 2 injuries are partially torn muscle fibers, and grade 3 injuries are complete tears with loss of function, requiring surgery, says WebMD.

Certain exercises, such as the abdominal drawing-in maneuver, can begin with the onset of injury. Recommended in sets of five or 10, each set in the maneuver should last about 15 seconds. Other exercises, such as the pelvic tilt and the partial curl, should begin after the pain subsides. Individuals can repeat the pelvic tilt five or 10 times, with each set lasting 15 seconds. Next, the individual should repeat the partial curl 10 times, building up to 15 repetitions, each set lasting about three seconds, according to the Summit Medical Group.

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