How Do You Find a Rehab Program for Rotator Cuff Injuries?


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Find a rehabilitation program for a rotator cuff injury by consulting with a physical therapist, as Move Forward explains. Whether you require surgery for the shoulder injury or not, the physical therapist can design a program to help you regain strength and range of motion in your shoulder. Physical therapy is especially crucial after surgery to repair an injured rotator cuff, as the shoulder is susceptible to re-injury after surgery. Post-surgical rehabilitation may take four months or more.

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You can also find rehabilitation exercise programs for rotator cuff injuries online at websites such as MedlinePlus and Sports Injury Clinic. MedlinePlus recommends stretching exercises including posterior stretching, anterior stretching using a towel and pendulum stretches. Strengthening exercises include internal and external rotation exercises using an exercise band, isometric exercises, and shoulder blade retraction with and without tubing, as MedlinePlus details. The site provides photos of each exercise.

Sports Injury Clinic provides an entire rehab program online, starting with the initial reduction of inflammation and pain immediately after the injury by applying ice and massage and taking anti-inflammatory medications. Rehabilitation exercises should not begin until five to seven days after the injury. Exercises should include mobility and stretching exercises to increase the post-injury range of motion, followed by strengthening exercises focusing on the external rotator muscle and scapular stabilizers, according to Sports Injury Clinic.

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