How Do You Rehab a Broken Femur?


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To rehabilitate a broken femur, you should walk with support, consistently perform rehabilitation exercises, and arrange your living area to eliminate steps and reduce the likelihood of falls, according to MedlinePlus. In addition, you should care for the surgical incision by avoiding showers for at least five days after surgery, washing the wound with soap and changing the bandage on a daily basis. Expect rehab to last four to six months.

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Weight-bearing exercise is one of the most important parts of the rehab process, states the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Early after surgery, your doctor is likely to require you to walk with crutches. The amount of weight you can put on the injured leg depends on the location of the femur fracture and the severity of the break.

Physical therapy is an important part of femur fracture rehab, asserts the American Physical Therapy Association's Move Forward website. Physical therapists help you learn how to control pain with ice, increase range of motion and build strength in the leg. They also develop a recovery plan that contains exercises specific to your body and the injury. In addition, the therapist can help you build muscles that help support the femur to reduce the risk of future femur problems.

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