How Do You Regrow Hair After Chemotherapy?


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After chemotherapy, a person's hair normally begins to grow back naturally a few weeks after the final treatment. The new hair is sometimes a different color and texture, but is fragile and requires gentle care, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Chemotherapy attacks the fast-growing cells in the body, including the hair cells. Normally, the hair begins to thin a few weeks after the first treatment. Whether the patient loses some of his hair or all of it depends on the medication he is using, according to Mayo Clinic. Radiation therapy also causes hair loss. After the treatment, regrowing hair requires patience because of the damage from the medication.

If a patient chooses to leave any remaining hair, Mayo Clinic recommends treating it gently, using a soft brush. Another option is to shave the head to remove any remaining patches of hair. Some patients find shaving helps to relieve the itching scalp caused by chemotherapy. Some chemotherapy patients feel better about themselves if they wear a wig, while others choose to cover the head with a hat or scarf. The newly exposed scalp is often sensitive to the sun, so wearing a hat or sunscreen prevents sunburn. If the weather is cold outside, the lack of hair makes the scalp sensitive to the cold.

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