How Do You Refill Your Prescription Online With Kaiser Permanente?

Individuals can order prescription refills from Kaiser Permanente by logging into their online accounts and requesting them, states Kaiser Permanente. If a patient does not have refills left on the prescription, they can still make the request online, which then prompts Kaiser Permanente to contact the physician for authorization.

Authorizations may take up to two business days, according to Kaiser Permanente. Patients can also order prescription refills by phone or in-person at a local pharmacy. Phone service is available 24 hours each day.

Kaiser insurance usually only covers medications prescribed by Kaiser doctors, as the company's website advises. Patients may have to pay full price for drugs prescribed by outside medical professionals. New members of Kaiser Permanente can transfer prescriptions to Kaiser through their online account as well.

Patients can choose to have prescriptions mailed to them or pick them up at a local pharmacy. Patients who choose to pick up the refill at a local pharmacy may be asked to show their insurance card and photo identification, as Kaiser Permanente reports.

When patients receive their prescription, they should check the label to ensure that it is the correct prescription and that they clearly understand how to take the medication, according to Kaiser Permanente. Patients should also review the side effects and contraindications of the drug.