How Do You Reduce Water Retention in the Ankles?

Because fluid retention in the ankles may be due to different causes, the methods of reducing this symptom can include lowering salt intake in a diet, taking medications and diagnosing and treating specific medical conditions, states the Mayo Clinic. Edema is the medical term used for fluid retention. Although some causes of edema can be hot weather, ingesting too much salt, pregnancy and certain medications, it may also indicate a problem with the heart, liver or kidneys, relates WebMD.

Edema also can affect other body parts like the arms and legs. When the cause of edema is related to a high sodium intake, doctors may recommend a reduced-sodium diet plan, lifting the legs so that they are above the heart level, compression stockings and exercise, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, the treatment for severe edema may require diuretic medications. If the underlying cause of edema is a medical problem, then the condition needs to be treated to control the edema symptom.