How Do You Reduce Swollen Eyelids?


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To reduce swollen eyelids, individuals can apply a cold cloth on the eyelids twice each day and splash cool water on the face to reduce any facial swelling, suggests Eye Health Web. After consulting with a physician, taking antihistamines or eye drops may be recommended to reduce swelling.

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Some physicians may prescribe ointments to reduce swollen eyelids or allergy medication if an allergic reaction has caused the ailment, according to Eye Health Web. Depending on the severity of the swelling, anti-inflammatory creams may help with pain and discomfort.

When faced with swollen eyelids, people should avoid rubbing or touching the swelling, suggests Eye Health Web. People should also avoid applying makeup, lotions or powders to the affected area. It may help to reduce swelling if water intake is increased as well as fatty acids such as fatty fish or flaxseed. People with swollen eyelids should avoid salt and artificial sweeteners as well as the suspected allergen that may have caused the swelling.

Common causes of swollen or puffy eyelids include dehydration, high blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, certain types of medication and a lack of sleep, explains Eye Health Web. Crying and an over-consumption of alcohol or sodium in the diet increases the risk of swollen eyelids.

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