How Do You Reduce and Prevent Small Spider Veins on the Legs?

Small spider veins can be reduced and possibly prevented by wearing support stockings, walking, losing weight, and lowering sodium in the diet to reduce water retention, explains Spider veins can also be treated by an injection into the abnormal vein from a doctor.

Small spider veins are close to the skin's surface and can cause discomfort, states WebMD. The easiest treatment is wearing support hose found at pharmacies or surgical supply stores. Standing in one place for less time as well as reducing overall standing during the day help reduce spider veins. Putting the legs up with a pillow above the heart level aids in reducing the development of more spider veins while pumping blood away from those already present.

To prevent spider veins, exercise regularly to improve leg strength and circulation, notes Maintaining weight control, not crossing legs for long periods, keeping a low salt diet, and wearing lower- heeled shoes are ways to prevent small spider veins. Avoiding tight constrictive clothing is important, whereas wearing compression support hose can prevent spider veins. Taking short walks aids in prevention as does a high fiber diet. Avoiding sun exposure can help prevent the development of facial spider veins.