How Do You Reduce Morning Blood Sugar Levels?


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Reduce morning blood sugar levels by changing the time you take long-acting insulin in the evening, changing the type of insulin taken in the evening, taking extra insulin or switching to an insulin pump, recommends WebMD. Doctors advise patients on which method is right for their condition.

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To determine the appropriate treatment option, doctors determine the fluctuation of a patient's blood sugar levels during the nighttime hours, notes WebMD. Doctors also determine if the spike in morning blood sugar levels is due to the dawn phenomenon or Somogyi effect. The dawn phenomenon occurs between the hours of 3-8 a.m. It results from the body's increase in cortisol, growth hormones and catecholamines. These hormones work against insulin's effect, resulting in elevated blood sugar.

The Somogyi effect is the result of blood sugar dropping too low at night. This causes a rebound effect in which the body overcompensates with the release of hormones that counter low blood sugar, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels in the morning. The Somogyi effect occurs when a person takes too much insulin or does not have a large enough bedtime snack, according to WebMD. Doctors determine which of the two conditions is responsible for the elevated blood sugar levels by instructing patients to measure their blood sugar between 2-3 a.m. for several consecutive nights. After analyzing the results, doctors determine the proper course of treatment.

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