How Do You Reduce Joint Pain in Your Hands and Knuckles?


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People with joint pain in the hands and knuckles can relieve the pain by performing hand exercises to improve range of motion and keep joints flexible, recommends Healthline. Pain-relieving medications or injected steroid medications can also help to decrease swelling. In severe cases, joint pain may require surgery to fix damaged joints in the hands and knuckles.

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Patients with joint pain in the knuckles and hands should alternate rest and exercise and use arthritis aids and splints to reduce pressure on the painful joints, recommends WebMD. Physical therapy is often necessary for extreme joint pain. Individuals with joint pain may benefit from avoiding foods that trigger inflammation and stocking up on foods with omega-3 fatty acids that curb inflammation. Patients should consult with a medical professional for routine checkups and x-rays to rule out additional health concerns causing joint pain in the hands and knuckles.

Lifestyle habits and medical aid devices can help to reduce pain in the joints, according to WebMD. Patients may find relief by exercising the hands and fingers with a soft foam ball. Products such as foam padding attached to pens and pencils and lightweight household utensils and dishes can reduce the pressure of lifting and holding objects that cause pain in the hands and knuckles.

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