How Do You Reduce Foot Swelling?


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Foot elevation, exercise, following a low-sodium diet, wearing appropriate clothing, taking breaks to move around and losing weight are ways to reduce foot swelling, according to MedlinePlus. Upon visiting a doctor those with swollen feet may be prescribed diuretics to help with swelling, though there can be side effects.

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Those with swollen feet can do many things at home to alleviate pain, including elevating legs above the level of their heart when they are lying down, MedlinePlus indicates. Additionally, exercising the legs may help reduce swelling because it pumps excess fluid from the legs and feet back to the heart. Individuals can reduce this fluid buildup by reducing salt intake, which also reduces the swelling itself.

Changes to clothing can help alleviate swelling, according to MedlinePlus. This includes wearing support stockings, which can be obtained in many medical supply and drug stores, as well as avoiding tight clothes around the swollen area. For those with swollen feet who are traveling, it is very important to stand up and move around periodically to reduce swelling. Individuals who are overweight can reduce some swelling by losing weight. While individuals can try all of these methods before seeking professional help, a doctor may be able to offer more specific advice and medicine to assist with foot swelling.

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