How Do You Reduce Discomfort for Colonoscopy Prep?


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To keep the discomfort of bowel preparation at a minimum, use pleasant odors and tastes to counteract the nausea from the prescription laxative you take during the day leading up to the procedure, and make your bathroom a comfortable space. Mental preparation is the key, notes Ellen Johnson and Lone Hummelshoj for Endometriosis.org.

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After drinking a dose of the mixture, it helps to follow with a piece of chewing gum in your favorite flavor or a spoonful of broth, recommends Johnson and Hummelshoj. Both of these items are on most approved lists for the day before the colonoscopy, but it is important to get a list from the doctor and follow it. Drinking pleasant liquids such as lemonade and ginger ale between doses of the laxative also eases abdominal discomfort. Place a scented handkerchief or pillow to the nose after drinking a dose of the laxative to help fight nausea.

Making the bathroom a pleasant space is also important, according to Johnson and Hummelshoj. Leave some enjoyable magazines and books in there to read. Use scented candles to provide a pleasing aroma and a container of baby wipes to minimize the discomfort when having to wipe. A comfortable resting place near the bathroom makes those trips back and forth as short as possible.

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