How Do You Reduce CRP Levels?

How Do You Reduce CRP Levels?

There are several ways to reduce C-reactive protein, or CRP levels, including regular physical activities, avoiding saturated fats and eating dietary fiber, according to Watching one’s weight and maintaining good dental health help reduce CRP levels.

Aerobic activities, notably running, cause a few hours' elevation in inflammation as opposed to regular exercises that lead to sustained anti-inflammatory impacts in the body, explains Other activities such as jogging, walking briskly, swimming laps and biking may tame inflammation. Such physical activities trigger the pumping of the heart and cause sweating.

Healthy fats such as seeds, nuts, flaxseeds, canola and olive oil, and fish help control CRP levels, states On the other hand, saturated fats such as red meat, ice cream, butter and cheese increase inflammation, leading to elevated CRP levels.

Extra weight increases inflammation leading to high CRP levels, explains In this case, losing weight helps overweight people reduce inflammation, hence reducing CRP levels. Smoking increases the chances of high CRP levels. It results in dental problems such as gingivitis, which increases inflammation leading to high CRP levels.

CRP refers to a protein found in the blood, indicates High C-reactive protein concentration is an indication of excessive inflammation in the body. Consequently, inflammation increases risks of chronic conditions such as colon cancer.