Are Red Moles Dangerous?

red-moles-dangerous Credit: Jodi Jacobsen/E+/Getty Images

Red moles are potentially dangerous. According to the National Cancer Institute, moles with red coloration are one of the signs of melanoma, or skin cancer. The red coloration may also be a sign of a dysplastic nevus, which is not cancer, but it does have a higher chance than a common mole to develop into cancer.

A common mole develops on the skin when pigment cells grow in clusters. Most adults have between 10 and 40 common moles. The National Cancer Institute provides images of common moles for comparison. These moles have a chance to turn into melanoma, or skin cancer, which is extremely dangerous. Individuals should inform their doctors if their moles change in color, shape, texture or height. The National Cancer Institute also advises contacting a doctor if moles start to itch, bleed and or expel any type of discharge.

According to the National Cancer Institute, it would be irregular for a common mole to be red in color unless the red coloration is very close to a person's normal skin tone. Those who have a red mole should check it for signs of dysplastic nevus and melanoma, and they should also consult with their doctor as soon as possible.