What Does a Rectocele Operation Entail?


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Surgery for a rectocele entails repairing damaged tissue in the vaginal wall, explains WebMD. This results in a strengthened vaginal wall, which prevents recurrence of the rectocele or other types of prolapse. Surgery is typically done through the vagina, unless there is a health problem requiring abdominal incision.

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Rectocele surgery is done under general anesthesia, according to WebMD. The patient stays in the hospital for one or two days and typically resumes normal activity after six weeks. Due to the strong link between childbirth and rectoceles, a woman should wait until she is done having children before proceeding with the surgery. To prevent a recurrence, it is important to maintain a healthy weight, avoid constipation and straining during bowel movements, and avoid straining the lower pelvic muscles with heavy lifting.

A rectocele is a type of prolapse in which the intestine pushes into the back wall of the vagina through stretched or torn tissue in the vaginal wall, WebMD advises. Rectoceles develop when the lower pelvic muscles become damaged as a result of labor, childbirth or previous pelvic surgery. In some cases, they are simply the result of age-related muscle weakening. Symptoms include low-back pain, bulging within the vagina and painful sexual intercourse. Surgery may relieve some symptoms but not all.

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