What Is the Recovery Treatment for Ankle Surgery?


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Recovery treatment after ankle surgery involves immobilizing the foot with a cast or boot, icing the area, elevating it, controlling pain with medication and starting rehabilitation, as stated by Tucson Orthopaedic Institute. Recovery from surgery can take up to 12 months.

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What Is the Recovery Treatment for Ankle Surgery?
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Patients get surgery on the ankle for a number of reasons, from fractured bones to torn ligaments and muscles. Surgery is usually a last resort for patients whose injuries are not healing or won't heal properly without some stabilization. Recovery treatment afterwards is generally the same, no matter the reason for the surgery, according to Tucson Orthopaedic Institute.

After surgery, the doctor usually places the foot in an immobilizing splint, cast or boot. This keeps the foot and ankle from moving so that it can heal properly. Doctors may also prescribe medications for pain management or nausea that patients should take starting that day to control symptoms. Patients should keep the foot elevated and ice it regularly to keep the swelling down. After a short while, rehabilitative therapy may be started to help patients rebuild strength in the ankle. Usually thisstarts with putting a light amount of weight on the foot and gradually increasing the pressure and use of the foot over a period of time.

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