What Is the Recovery Time for Toe Surgery?


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The recovery time for toe surgery or bunion surgery is six weeks to six months, according to WebMD. For severe cases, the complete recovery period can last up to a year.

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What Is the Recovery Time for Toe Surgery?
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Bunion surgery realigns the soft tissue or bone of the big toe joint to relieve pain. The surgeon may use small wires, plates or screws to keep the bones aligned, according to WebMD. The kind of bunion surgery depends on the severity of the misalignment resulting in the different amount of time a person can recover fully from the surgery.

The surgery may take an hour or more depending on the kind of surgery performed. Removal of stitches occurs within seven to 21 days. Pins are taken out after three to four weeks. The patient may wear regular shoes four to five weeks after the surgery, but in some cases, this may not be possible for three or four months after the surgery, according to WebMD. The patient must avoid placing any weight on the injured foot from the sixth through eighth week after the surgery to help hasten the recovery period.

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