What Is the Recovery Time for a Ruptured Spleen?


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After being in the hospital for a few days after surgery, the recovery time for a ruptured spleen can range between 4 to 6 weeks, states WebMD. A ruptured spleen, which causes severe internal bleeding and a decrease in blood pressure, can require immediate surgery to remove the organ. The surgical procedure is called a splenectomy.

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Either open splenectomy or a laparoscopic splenectomy may be performed. A laparoscopic splenectomy involves the use of a laparoscope to which a light and camera are attached. This instrument aids the surgeon perform the operation. For this type of surgery, small incisions are made in the abdomen. An open splenectomy entails a large abdominal incision site through which the damaged spleen is excised, notes Healthline.

The hospital stay after a splenectomy depends on which type of procedure was performed. The hospital stay for an open splenectomy may be longer than for a laparoscopic procedure. Another benefit of laparoscopic surgery is that less pain may be experienced, along with a faster recovery time. While recovering at home, a doctor can restrict certain activities until the patient's wound heals completely.

The spleen is an organ situated on the left side of the abdominal region. A ruptured spleen can occur due to factors such as a car accident, sports injury and certain medical conditions the may cause an enlarged spleen to rupture. Although a ruptured spleen requires removal of the organ, there are circumstances in which the spleen may not be removed, states Mayo Clinic. In such cases, the damage to the spleen is not very severe, and the patient stays in the hospital until the spleen injury is treated and heals.

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