What Is the Recovery Time for Getting Your Knee Scoped?

The recovery period for knee arthroscopy varies, but the Mayo Clinic states that many patients can begin light activity a week after the operation and more strenuous activities after about four weeks. The recovery time depends on the patient's general health and the specific problem being treated, explains Cleveland Clinic.

Recovery time from arthroscopic repair of a torn meniscus typically is longer than for other problems. Patients wear leg braces for six weeks, according to the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, University of Washington. After 12 weeks, patients are allowed to perform low-impact activities, such as swimming. Four months after surgery, patients generally resume high-impact sports.

During the first few days after the scope, ice and dressing are used to minimize swelling, notes MedicineNet. Crutches are also worn to reduce pressure on the knee. After a few days, the patient visits the doctor to assess progress. A return to driving is allowed anywhere from one to three weeks after the scope, reports the AAOS. Physical therapy is often started soon after the scope to regain strength and mobility.