What Is the Recovery Time for Arthoscopic Medial Meniscectomy Chrondroplasty?


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Recovery time for arthroscopic medial meniscectomy chondroplasty ranges from about five weeks to six months after surgery, taking into consideration the patient's age, severity of the problem, and the procedure used, according to Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centers. The majority of patients take several months to achieve full recovery.

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While it is possible for a patient to return to a sedentary job a day after surgery, patients experiencing severe pain may take longer. Depending on a patient's condition and job responsibilities, it may take weeks or months before a patient can perform a labor-intensive job, notes Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centers. During the days and weeks after the surgery, a patient gradually increases the amount of weight the leg is able to bear, until the leg can support the patient's full weight without using a cane or crutches.

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