What Is the Recovery Time After Partial Knee Replacement Surgery?


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After partial knee replacement surgery, most patients remain in the hospital for one to two days and resume walking without an assistive device, such as a walker or cane, within three to four weeks, states MedlinePlus. Physical therapy for four to six months is needed for a full recovery.

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A patient is usually capable of putting his full body weight on the operated knee right after partial knee replacement surgery, notes MedlinePlus. Upon going home, it helps to stay physically active by doing activities such as walking indoors. Physical therapy helps improve a patient's range of motion and strengthens the knee muscles.

Most patients who undergo partial knee replacement recover faster than those who go through total knee replacement surgery, reports MedlinePlus. After surgery, doctors generally allow most types of exercise, such as walking, biking and swimming. However, patients should avoid jogging and other high-impact exercises.

Partial knee replacement involves removing damaged portions of the knee and replacing them with a prosthetic, explains MedlinePlus. Patients usually undergo the procedure to obtain pain relief from severe arthritis. Doctors recommend partial knee replacement if a patient experiences trouble sleeping, difficulty in doing normal activities or persistent knee pain despite treatment. Patients age 60 and older mostly opt for knee replacement.

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