What Is the Recovery Time After a Laminectomy?


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After a laminectomy it takes three to four months for the bones to heal and up to a year for recovery, says MedlinePlus. Physical therapy and pain management are often included in postoperative care during the recovery period.

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Immediately after a laminectomy, the patient is moved to a postoperative recovery room where the health care team monitors his respiration rate, blood pressure and heart rate, says Mayfield Clinic. Hospital discharge is sometimes granted on the same day of the operation. The doctor prescribes pain relievers to manage the pain at the site of incision. Physical therapy improves flexibility and strength, reports Mayo Clinic.

Stooping and lifting are forbidden for several weeks after a laminectomy. If the patient has a desk job, he often returns to work within two weeks. A person with a more active occupation sometimes needs to recover for two to four months before returning to work, according to eMedicineHealth.com.

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