What Is the Recovery Process for a Right-Brain Stroke?


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The recovery process for a right-brain stroke involves rehabilitation with training and tools to compensate for the particular deficits of each patient, which vary from one person to another, says University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Right-brain strokes in particular often cause vision problems, impulsive behavior and overconfidence.

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Right-brain strokes usually cause problems with the use of the left side of the body, according to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. These include weakness and paralysis along with problems of balance and coordination. Some patients lose awareness of the arm or the leg on the left side of the body. Speech problems and difficulty swallowing are also common. Stroke rehabilitation services have treatments for many of these issues and can often either restore function or help patients compensate for lasting dysfunction.

Rehabilitation often also involves either the use of medication or the modification of existing medications, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center says. Spasticity, a frequent effect of stroke, is a chronic tension in the muscles of an affected area, causing stiffness, soreness and sometimes the shortening of a limb. Medications, such as phenol, baclofen or botulinum toxin, can help this symptom. Psychiatric medications may help mood problems, including depression and emotional instability.

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