What Is the Recovery Period After a Bladder Sling Surgery?


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The recovery period for urethral sling surgery is usually two to four weeks after the patient has been sent home, according to WebMD. During the recovery period, the patient should refrain as much as possible from strenuous activities and work. Bladder sling surgery is mostly for women, but men may have sling surgery for severe urinary incontinence from prostate surgery.

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If there are no complications, someone who has had urethral sling surgery is typically only in the hospital for two to three days following the procedure. After the surgery, the patient is likely to feel pain at the site of the incision and cramping in the abdomen. A catheter is placed into the bladder to allow the urine to drain while the patient is still in the hospital. This is done in order to aid the healing process of the urinary tract, as stated by WebMD.

Urethral sling surgeries are performed in order to treat urinary incontinence, according to WebMD. During the procedure, a sling, attached to the abdominal wall, is placed around the urethra. The sling is placed in a way to put the urethra back into a functioning position. The other purpose of the sling is to exert pressure on the urethra, which helps urine retention. The sling can be made out of a muscle, tendon tissue or ligament taken from the woman or an animal.

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