What Is the Recovery for Liposuction Like?


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The FDA states that a patient recovering from liposuction may experience a leaking or draining of fluids from the cuts made during the surgery in addition to the possibility of pain as the anesthesia starts to dissipate. A patient must also wear special garments during recovery to keep the skin sufficiently compressed.

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According to the FDA, after a patient has had liposuction surgery, he can expect to either be sent home or spend the night in the hospital or surgery center. A patient should ask his surgeon or doctor how long to wait before returning to regular activities or if time off of work is necessary.

If the incision sites start to leak or drain, a doctor may insert a drainage tube to keep the wound clean, notes the FDA. A patient who has to wear a compression garment most likely has to keep the garment on for several weeks. A doctor either gives the patient the garments or lets him know where to purchase them before the surgery.

Swelling is common after liposuction, sometimes lasting as long as several weeks or months, says the FDA. A combination of swelling and pain is a possible indicator that an infection is present and needs to be brought to the attention of the doctor.

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