What Is the Recovery Like From a Neck Lift?


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Recovery from a neck lift typically takes two to four weeks, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. There is little pain. Over time, the type of bandages required and the amount of activity allowed changes.

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Immediately following surgery, a dressing is typically applied, Johns Hopkins states. It remains on for no more than two days. During this time, the drainage tube installed during the surgery is sometimes left in place. Within five to 10 days, staples and sutures are removed.

Patients wear compression bandages on their necks constantly for five to seven days after the surgery to reduce swelling and bruising, Cleveland Clinic explains. After this period, the bandages are needed only at night. Ice packs should not be used to reduce swelling because they limit blood flow to the recovering area, warns the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Swelling is minimized when lying down by keeping the head elevated.

Rest is important immediately after surgery, and help is needed for daily activities, Mayo Clinic states. However, it is often possible to resume working within one or two weeks, according to Cleveland Clinic. Sports or other physical activity should be postponed for three weeks.

Scars fade over time, and make-up is effective for camouflaging them until this happens, Mayo Clinic explains. Scars hide in the skin's natural creases, and certain hair styles also cover them.

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