What Is Recovery Like After a Ventral Hernia Surgery?


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Recovery after a ventral hernia surgery takes at least six weeks in most cases and proceeds in stages from the initial after effects of the surgical incision to avoiding re-injury until the hernia is fully healed, according to University Hospitals. This includes between five and seven days inpatient care.

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If the ventral hernia was large enough, the patient must spend his first night after surgery in an intensive care unit, as stated by University Hospitals. Despite the involvement of the digestive system in the surgery, dietary restrictions are not necessary afterward. A poor appetite is not a cause for alarm, but consistent nausea or an inability to take in sufficient fluids requires further medical attention. For the first days after surgery, the patient has a drain installed to prevent any fluid buildup in the wound. This drain may be removed prior to the patient returning home, or the patient may be sent home with it for a few days.

The surgical wound is commonly closed with staples that remain in place for between two and three weeks, as noted by University Hospitals. Showering with the staples is permitted, but the patient should avoid bathing or other immersion in water. The patient is fitted with an abdominal binder that he should wear as much as possible for the full six weeks.

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