What Is the Recovery Like After Laparoscopic Surgery?


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The recovery time after laparoscopic surgery tends to be shorter than with more traditional surgical methods, and in many instances patients may be able to return home the day of the procedure, states WebMD. Surgeons use laparoscopic surgery as a diagnostic tool and to treat numerous conditions.

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In a typical laparoscopic surgical procedure, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the abdomen that are used to examine, perform procedures on, or remove the organs from the abdomen as well as the female reproductive organs, states WebMD.

Many surgeons prefer laparoscopy because it provides patients with a shorter recovery time and tends to be less stressful than other types of surgical procedures, suggests WebMD. Patients typically experience aching or soreness, which varies depending on the type of surgical procedure they underwent. Because surgeons inflate the abdomen during laparoscopic surgery, patients may also experience bloating or aching in the shoulder for a few days following the procedure.

The small incisions made during laparoscopic surgery should be cared for after the procedure to prevent infection. Individuals who experience symptoms such as excessive bleeding from their stitches, an abnormal amount of pain, or an unusual amount of swelling or redness around their incision sites should contact their doctor immediately, says WebMD.

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