What Is Recovery From Hip-Resurfacing Surgery Like?


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After hip resurfacing surgery, patients must participate in physical therapy to restore muscle strength, range of motion and balance, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Patients should use a cane or a walker to avoid putting unnecessary weight on the hip, according to eOrthopod.

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Physical therapy may include water therapy, balance exercises, stretches and low impact exercises, reports eOrthopod. The goal of physical therapy is to help patients learn to walk properly and balance body weight equally on both hips after surgery. For the first year after surgery, patients should avoid lifting heavy objects and participating in high impact team sports or other physical activities, such as running or jumping, states About.com.

Patients should resume regular daily activities such as driving within three weeks, reports eOrthopod. Within six weeks, patients should be able to walk without a cane or a walker, and return to work. Within one to two months, patients should be able to resume sexual activity, states eOrthopod. Hip resurfacing may last up to 10 years before additional surgery is necessary, according to About.com. Patients should maintain a regular exercise routine even after the hip heals to keep joints healthy, and to ensure the hip remains functional for walking, driving and other physical activities.

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