What Is Recovery From Hemorrhoid Surgery Like?

Recovery from hemorrhoid surgery takes about two to three weeks, according to WebMD. During this time, patients take pain medications, eat a bland diet, and use ice packs and sitz baths to relieve discomfort in the surgical area.

After hemmorhoid surgery, some patients stay in the hospital overnight, whereas others go home once the anesthesia used for the surgery has worn off. Health care staff must make sure the patient can urinate before being discharged from hospital, as swelling or muscle spasms sometimes prevent urination. Someone needs to drive the patient home from hospital, states WebMD.

People often experience pain and bleeding after hemmorhoid surgery, notes WebMD. Medications can help to relieve this pain. Patients can apply numbing medicine before and after bowel movements to reduce discomfort. Using ice packs or soaking in warm water can also help.

In the first few days after hemmorhoid surgery, it's important for patients to stick to a bland diet of rice, bananas, dry toast, crackers, applesauce and plenty of liquids. Patients can then gradually reintroduce other foods. Doctors often recommend taking stool softeners after hemmorhoid surgery to keep bowel movements smooth and avoid straining, as reported by WebMD.

Roughly two to three weeks after surgery, the surgeon performs a follow-up exam to check for complications. Some doctors prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection after hemmorhoid surgery, stares WebMD.