How Do You Recover From Hand Tendon Surgery?


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After having hand tendon surgery, the recovery advice is to keep the hand elevated, take regular painkillers, and continue any exercises that were taught in hospital, states NHS Choices Depending on how badly the hand was damaged affects recovery time.

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Admission to the hospital is usually short for hand tendon surgery, according to NHS Choices. Most recovery happens at home, and length of recovery varies between individuals. The hand is supported in a sling, which needs to be kept upright to reduce swelling. A splint is usually provided by the hospital, which is fitted under the hand to provide extra support and prevent the repaired tendons from being overstretched.

Recovery time does vary, but generally patients resume light activities with their hand after six weeks, resume driving after eight weeks, and resume heavy activities such as lifting objects after 10 weeks, reports NHS Choices.

There are complications that can develop after hand tendon surgery, according to NHS Choices. These include infection, repair failure and tendon adhesion. These complications can be rectified if the surgical team is notified. Patients recovering from hand tendon surgery should look out for the following symptoms and report them if noticed: redness or swelling in hand, fever, a snapping sensation in the hand, or reduced ability in hand movement.

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